About Maria


A Virginia Tech graduate, Maria achieved magna cum laude status in her International Studies degree with a Business concentration, and it was during her senior year of college that she was first introduced to - and fell in love with - the field of marketing. Within a month from graduation, she bought her first house, got married, and moved across the state to settle in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

Maria’s marketing career began when she was promoted at the age of 21 from an Administrative Assistant position to the Director of Communications. At the same time, she started her own business, which would enable her to leave her full-time job and work solely for herself just a few years later.

Maria’s dual experience in a company and as an entrepreneur have given her valuable tools and insights, enabling her to serve small businesses and creative entrepreneurs in the areas of social media, search engine optimization, and general marketing. With clients ranging from a Chick-fil-A franchise to a feature film, no project is too diverse to market effectively and create an active, engaged audience.

In her spare time, Maria goes on sushi dates with her husband, chases the daughter she was blessed to adopt in 2017, trains for marathons, and reads historical fiction.